And so it came to pass. The genesis of Silhouette began with an anti-terrorist operation commenced on the two hundred forty third day of the ninth year. A team of informational warfare specialists under the leadership of Coeus Ahlstedt had infiltrated an extremist cult known as the Nefas. The chaotic organization, under the banner of the criminal empire of Eidola, promoted anarchy and terror wherever it could reach. The hours of effort were countless as the months went by, their efforts were not wasted. After having plenty of patience and performing unspeakable acts to win over the cult members, Coeus and his operatives had finally brought the mission to a successful end. After obtaining information that led to the location of the Nefas nest, a task force was sent in to neutralize the threat and secure the planet. On that day, the terrorist network had been ultimately crippled.

Since then, Silhouette has grown leaps and bounds into a functioning security task force. Not only enforcing laws of those who would hire them, they themselves have become the law in several locations. The organization allows governments and independent corporations the peace of mind that they need to properly conduct their usual affairs without having to worry about their security. Silhouette employs unconventional strategies and utilizes brutal methods against criminals, for the sake of ensuring that justice is served without chance and corruption to get in the way. Even to this day, the effectiveness of these methods can be seen in the news on a regular basis. Silhouette has become a new arm of the law with a more powerful fist than those before them.

Time went on and events fed one another, and eventually a new Government took power in the Allied Tion sector by the name of Tion Hegemony. Being such a new regime, discussion between Silhouette and the Tionese Council took place about how useful Silhouette would become in the nation's overall development and security. It was with that nation that Silhouette first took up arms as a government agency, to seek out and eradicate anyone who would oppose the Hegemony or anyone else that developed good relations with Silhouette and hired them. With these first steps, the Silhouette had began to sense the taste of being accepted by the galaxy as a true threat to crime.