As the paradigm of the security industry, Silhouette seeks to quickly build a reputation of both quality and reliability. The organization has an eye out for potential and talent, granting it's best positions based on prowess rather than the amount of time spent idle at a desk. Employees that prove themselves skilled in certain areas will find that their dedication is rewarded.

When you turn in your application, please allow us at least up to forty-eight hours to get in touch with you. When we contact you, we will inform you of whether or not your application has been accepted or denied. We'll tell you the reasons if we deny your application. If you are accepted, you will be contacted as well and provided with instructions that will help you get situated within the organization.

How to Join

To join the Silhouette in darkness, click on the "Faction" link in your "Manage" menu. Once there, click on "Join Faction" and click on the drop-down box. Finally, scroll down to the Silhouette and select it and then click "Submit".

Please note that Silhouette is an RP-friendly environment. If you enjoy role playing, you might enjoy us.