Special Operations Division

"Assume the worst. Hope for the best. Prepare for anything."

Personnel in the SpecOps division are commonly referred to as "operatives" or "ghosts". Enveloped in a shroud of secrecy and bred with expertise, the Silhouette special forces are called upon in the most dire of situations. Positions are filled based on experience, all new members being hand-selected by the Chief and the Marshall just before having to recite the "oath of service" if they accept the offered position. The operative is then assigned to a squad where they would best fit to supplement the skills and training of their team.

When categorizing the warfare efforts of the ghosts, the word "unconventional" takes dominance. Rather than using one generic set of equipment, the operatives equip to specialize for each separate assignment, wielding weapons they're most proficient with and wearing gear that is well suited for the environment. When not on the battlefield, the special forces are either constantly training, helping out with non-militaristic duties, or both. At times they may be granted leaves of absence that vary in length, but usually last for two weeks.

Each team is composed of three operatives that work cohesively without conflict, and over time become a family that can rely on each other no matter the circumstances. Every member of the team is an equal to the others, which means when a leader is needed, the most natural and willing person will take the initiative. Occasionally situations may not require the entire team, but rather a more limited amount of personnel. In these cases, the team may have split duties and work separately while the assigned operatives carry out their duties.