Security Division

"Always on guard. Always watching. Always ready."

The Silhouette Security Division, the backbone of the organization, is where every employee ends up after joining Silhouette. After gaining enough experience in the field, many individuals advance to more prestigious parts of the organization and find a career in intelligence or special operations. Others are content with the life of a security officer and never leave the division until they're ready to retire alogether, mostly because of the fact that it's a relaxed job the majority of the time with occasional action and plenty of benefits.

The range of responsibilities of the Silhouette Security Division includes border control, surveillance, reconnaissance, logistics, law enforcement, security detail, and prisoner handling. While adhering to company policies and procedures, security personnel are to focus primarily on their duties and take orders from nobody but the chief of security and the marshal. When the security chief is on a leave of absence or unavailable in any way, the Lieutenant is in charge as the executive officer of the Division.

Despite being divided into teams of four, more often than not do security officers work on individual assignments. They are only organized into teams for when they are called into tactical situations that require teamwork and strategy. Diversified in both training and capabilities, all officers serve as marines with the ability to function properly within a cockpit and on foot. Standard equipment is issued to all security personnel and must remain with them at all times. Personal equipment is permitted if it can be carried with the standard equipment.