Intelligence Division

"Conceived by ambition. Veiled by deceit. Strengthened by knowledge."

The Silhouette Intelligence Division, the eyes and ears of the organization, is composed of personnel that have proven that they know how to remain subtle and keep a low profile. Members of this division don't apply to join, but rather they are selected by either the intel chief or the Marshal and offered a position. Once given an invitation, it is completely optional whether or not the individual would like to join. If they accept, then they'll be transferred to the intelligence division. If not, they'll carry on with their previous duties.

The Intelligence Division is built around several primary functions. Counter-intelligence, information gathering, surveillance, and when the situation calls for it agents may be dispatched to detain and interrogate any individual. To help avoid its benefactors from becoming victims of informational warfare, Silhouette may install an agent into nationalized organizations or possibly the government to monitor activity and security. If the nationalized companies already have security personnel that are willing to comply with protocol, that is a possible alternative.

The structure is different within the Intelligence division. Unlike conventional structures, all personnel work alone instead of with a team like the other divisions do. Agents, whenever possible, are restricted from knowing about each other and are to keep a very low profile about their relationship with Silhouette. There are two ways an agent can serve effectively. One is for them to build a network of contacts to gather "social intel" from simple dialog. The other method is of course to become a master spy.