Security has long lost its meaning in most places, becoming nothing more than just a word spoken into the ears of the oppressed. While pirates reign in the depths of space, people aren't even entirely safe at home from their own government. Whether it is caused by corruption or ineptitude isn't the case. Injustices still take supremacy for the will of the powermongers and the pockets of the greedy. With crime and terror as it is in modern societies, innovative steps must be taken to ensure the success of maintaining the peace. Silhouette combines law enforcement with informational warfare and military operations to drive thick wedges into the criminal underworlds, and to bring the dark faces of the puppet masters that control them into the light.

The proficiency of Silhouette derives from its organization. The way it is structured as well as the lack of desire for wealth and power are the key components to the way it succeeds with its primary functions. The leadership highly stresses communication and rewards initiative well with appreciation. The structure is simple as it is only broken down into three sections led by a Chief with experience in the respective field they lead their subordinates into. From there the personnel are broken down into smaller teams to work more cohesively on assignments handed down to them. Despite it being a simple way to operate, it's very effective and suits well for what needs done.

Drills and training scenarios are a constant for everyone employed by Silhouette. The application of such extensive conditioning methods result in better odds of operational success more often than not. With that in mind, it becomes a requirement rather than an option due to the duties assigned to the paramilitary force, and many of them are life threatening and very sensitive. Some examples of such duties are hostage negotiations, emergency evacuation, law enforcement, military support, joint operations, information gathering, crisis management, and security consultation. Silhouette is available to any nation that is willing to grant the organization jurisdiction to operate in their territory. When war breaks out between multiple governments that employs it, Silhouette will claim a neutral stance and stick strictly to Law Enforcement within their territories until the war has a resolution.